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If you like to play casino games but aren’t quite ready to play for real money, most casinos will give you the option of playing the games for free. Every so often you will find an online casino bonus that you can use to play real money without having to risk any of your own, but not all casinos will have this. What nearly all online casinos will have is a play money mode, this lets you play casino games with fake money, and risk nothing. This is perfect for people who are new to casino gaming and want to learn the rules, or even for those who just need to brush up on their skills before they put down real money. Major software developers like Mircogaming and Playtech include these play money modes in their casinos, and it’s even free to download the software.

Casinos from these companies will also deliver the best 3D graphics and sound effects, seemingly transforming your living room into a Las Vegas game room, with all the lights and the clamor of excitement that those bring. The hundreds of games that these casinos offer will keep you from getting bored, and even if you are playing in fake money, it still feels good to win. So whether you’re getting ready to take a trip to Las Vegas or if you’re just testing the online casinos before you pick one to play with, come check out the play money modes, and see if what you’re missing.

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